For Job Seekers

Given our experience and knowledge of the industry, we know all the hardships that you, the IT candidates, are facing. We are ready to take all those hardships upon ourselves and let you focus directly on your work, solve the challenges and develop your technical skills. 

With us, your CV does not end up in a dark hole somewhere in the back drawer of the table. 

We are going to be your personal advocate in an international IT market. 

We can find the job for you that will represent your next career move.

As you future advocates, we would love to:

  • match and advocate you to the top software companies in Scandinavia;
  • consult you on the Scandinavian IT markets;
  • help improve your CV;
  • build up your professional digital presence; 
  • guide and support you through the employment process;
  • assist in your relocation process to your new workplace in Scandinavia.

We would really love to cooperate with you. If you feel the same, please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible! NB: by using the form you accept that we send you information about our products and services. We do not give your information to any third party.