The IT market has seen a steady growth in recent years and the competition both when it comes to attract the best talents and for job-seekers to find good job opportunities. The difficult task is to match talent and need, a task that is sometimes not as easy as it seems since the trends and the technological development in the IT  sector are shifting at a rapid pace.


According to the Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) survey, it is predicted that there will be an excess of more than 1.8 million IT job positions to remain unfilled by the year 2022, and some IT professionals will still struggle to find a suitable job, because their skillset is not in alignment with the needs of the market.


With a market that is rapidly changing and with increased competition, companies need to be able to attract the most talented and flexible employees. From the side of the job-seeker, it is getting increasingly more important to stay ahead of the competition in terms of new skills.



These Are the Most Needed Skills Today


1: Artificial intelligence

Over the last couple of years AI has transformed an IT industry a lot, having created a lot of job opportunities in this sector. AI industry is growing rapidly, having received only in US over 18 billion USD in funding in 2019. It is continuously shaping a number of industries such as healthcare, cybersecurity, banking and finance, customer service, logistics, transportation and many others, so its presence is becoming ubiquitous. It has been estimated that artificial intelligence is about to create 58 million new jobs by 2022, according to “The Future of Jobs 2018” report of the World Economic Forum.

2: Data science


Data Science has formally turned into a fully acknowledged career path, with programmes taught at the best universities and job postings published in the web from companies all over the world, be it transportation or healthcare sector, offering all the possible rewards to attract the best data scientists to their teams. Despite the offered rewards and perks, still the world is witnessing a great shortage of data scientists. It has been found out that today there are 3 times more job postings worldwide comparing to job searches in this category, which clearly shows a discrepancy between the supply and demand.


3: Cloud computing


With the ever increased amounts of data growing every day, cloud computing is developing alike. According to the recent research by OpsRamp, over 60% of all applications are being built and run on a hybrid cloud architectures. However, due to its rapid development there is an evident shortage in talent which, according to the 2020 “Challenges in Cloud Transformation Survey”, results into the slowing-down of the cloud projects and slower innovation rates.


4: DevOps


The demand for DevOps has gone mainstream as more and more industries are in rush of a digital transformation. As more organisations develop into digitalized entities, there is a growing need for high-skilled DevOps specialists who are able to accomplish the companies’ digital needs. The recent survey conducted by OpsRamp has shown it to be “the most-sought skill surpassing cloud certification and machine learning…”, which opens a lot of opportunities for this career path.


5: UX/UI design


UX designers are nowadays essential part of IT teams as the companies are fighting over to allow their customers to have the best user experience while using their products. However, the skill is not the easiest to master, therefore, it will require a lot of effort for a future specialist to bring it up to the next level.

Women in IT


AUGUST 3, 2021

Women have traditionally played less of a role in the modern IT industry than women in the 80s tech industry. Today only about 20-25% of IT-professionals are women. This shows that women, due to structures or cultural constraints are less likely to have a career in the IT-industry. We here at JoBs4U believe that everyone should be able to build a future in IT. 

We believe that women have a natural place to fill in the IT-industry where there is a cronical inbalance between supply and demand for some types of highly qualified professionals which makeit difficult to match the needs of the employer with the talants available.

JoBs4U is an IT-recruiting agency that is active in places as divergent as Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, New York, Turku and Tallinn. We have made it our mission to educate and inspire the almost 50% of the workforce that are less than likely to chose a career in the IT-industry.

Women have so much to offer, for that to happen we must inform and inspire, educate and more of all facillitate a living discourse in society.

JoBs4U loves ICT/IT and JoBs4U believe in the power of the individual.

JoBs4U, for people, by people!