About Us

Welcome to Jobs4U!

We are an international Estonian-based company with the mission to attract true “brain-power” to the Scandinavian and EU markets.

We believe that no borders should exist when it comes to the labour market.

We aim to erase these borders and attract the sharpest minds not only from your own country, but from abroad.

Our Story


We are a group of friends from different areas of business who one day met and discussed the challenges that meet us as entrepreneurs. One of the challenges we all agreed upon had the greatest impact on our firms’ ability to grow, and it was the ability to find qualified talent. This is often an obstacle that prevents companies from growing. There and then the idea was hatched. We wanted not just to solve our own problems but also to find solutions for other companies in the same situation. After that nice dinner, a new company saw the light of the day. The name of the firm is JoBs4U, a name that reflects both the needs and opportunities of the talent seeker in regards of HR as well as the possibilities that arise for the job-seeker when he or she is matched with the right employer. HR is our game and matchmaking is our mission.


For People

By People





Business Idea

Company formation

We aim to be the market leader in Finland

To be the market leader is Scandinavia

Our Values




Our Team

Henrik G.S. Arvidsson

Chief Executive Officer & CFO

Henrik  has over 20 years of experience in international business, leading his own companies in various sectors such as recruitment, logistics and business consultancy where he has had a vital role in the growth of many firms both in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltics. He has also organised events and held workshops for novice and more experienced entrepreneurs. His areas of expertise are HR, marketing management, international business and commercial law. He is an award-winning researcher and lecturer in international marketing.

Kristian Ylinen

Director of Business Development 

Kristian has an extensive experience in business development for European companies in emerging markets. He has worked in Africa, The Middle East and CIS countries for the last 20 years.During his career Kristian has advised over 100 companies in their fundraising, emerging market strategy and international business development.He has a vast contact network to key business leaders, politicians and government officials in the developing world.Kristian has served on the board of several privately held companies and is the former chairman of Finnish-African Trade Association (FATA) and a former board member of European Chamber of Commerce for Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM).

Markku Kukkanen

Director of Sales

Markku Kukkanen has over 40 years of sales management experience in international companies (USA, Europe) in the following fields: telecommunication HW, SW and R&D process development, global B2B sales to major accounts like Nokia, Ericsson, Intel and Broadcom.He is proficient at opening USA and global markets for Telecom 5G test systems for major players.His main areas of expertise are sales and marketing strategy with high impact in profit and market penetration.

Ruslana Arvidsson

COO & Director of HR

Ruslana Arvidsson has a vast experience in recruitment, business intelligence and innovation. She helps companies to set up, improve their day-to-day operation processes and attract the best high-skilled talent globally. She is also leading the Institute of Innovative Governance in Estonia, which develops innovative solutions to existing societal problems and conducts research.